Everything in a second (Tutto in un secondo)

Marco is 38 years old, is married to Giulia from 7 years and have a child of 6 years, Stefano. Than Marco knows suddenly Alice, a brilliant student of acting and just a moment that had her. When they meet , they are having fun and the time doesn't exist anymore. But Marco has a life, has a family that is there and you can't make it disappear.Giulia discovers that Marco has betrayed, is desperate and calls his brother Fernando, who promises to make him pay. He's waiting for him in the garage where he usually parks his car, in front of the office where he works as director of an advertising agency, and Marco and Fernando will take a beating. Marco starts to run away, to escape the fury of Fernando, and while escaping is hit by a car. Marco dies, there is no more. In a moment, in his life there is more nothing,there is no more life. Meanwhile, social workers go to Giulia's house to take away Stefano, because he will be entrusted to Marco, as it had ruled the Court . Giulia is desperate, just in that moment learns that Marco is dead.The social worker takes away the child, between desperate tears and collapses to the ground,weeping. From the glass of the window, you see how the shadow of Marco who is scrutinizing in sadness how much more beautiful he had and how much more beautiful he lost. Everything in a second.